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A product of a course treatment to reach the effect of rederma lization

Redermalization – effect of skin quality improvement managing 3 main aging mechanisms:

  • Dehydration – Moisturizes (hyaluronic acid)
  • Pathologic action of free radicals – Blocks free radicals (antioxidant effect of succinic acid)
  • Violation of cellular metabolism – improves cellular energy ATP production (succinic acid “turns on” Kreb’s cycle – the most efficient cellular energy
    ATP production mechanism).

Ingredients: water, sodium hyaluronate, sodium succinate, succinic acid.

Indication: skin quality improvement.

Product line:

  1. Hyalual 1,1%, 1 ml,
  2. Hyalual 1,1%, 2 ml,
  3. Hyalual 1,8%, 1 ml,
  4. Hyalual 1,8%, 2 ml,
  5. Hyalual 2,2%, 1 ml,
  6. Hyalual 2,2%, 2 ml

Product available: CIS, Turkey, Vietnam, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Lebanon, Georgia