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Institute Hyalual Has Supported AMEC 2016 As Golden Sponsor

In October 2016, Institute Hyalual Company has become a Golden Sponsor of the 12th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine European Congress (AMEC 2016), which was held in Paris. During the Congress, Hyalual team has held a workshop and presented a number of scientific reports. An exhibition stand by Hyalual was highly appreciated by the world’s leading doctors and technologists who took a keen interest in Hyalual products and methods of their development. In addition, Xela Rederm product by Hyalual was nominated for the Anti-Aging Beauty Trophy Award.


AMEC 2016 – is the world’s key event in the sphere of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine held by EuroMediCom company. It was held on October 21-22 in Palais des Congres de Paris. Every year the event is visited by thousands of scientists, doctors, and producers of medical and cosmetic products. This year’s Congress has been held under the slogan “Global trends in Aesthetic and Anti-aging Medicine for ethnic and cultural differences”.


One of the most attended events of the Congress was the sponsor’s workshop by Institute Hyalual, where professors Maurizio Ceccarelli and Roberto Pelliccia have revealed the Antioxidant and depigmenting action of hyaluronic and succinic acid in combination with peeling therapy. And as part of the scientific program of the Congress, Victor Shavlak has presented a report on “Face pattern correction based on solid shapes and shaded regions” (WESTERN EUROPEAN MORPHOTYPE)

Another significant event of the Congress was the contest «Anti-Aging Beauty Trophy Award 2016-2017». Xela Rederm redermalisation product by Institute Hyalual was nominated for this contest among other significant inventions in the beauty industry.


Moreover, Hyalual’s AMEC 2016 exhibition stand was attended by such famous persons in the world’s aesthetic medicine as:
Dr Reza Mia MBBCh | MBA | MSc Fin. South Africa.
Sharon Bennett RGN, NIP, Chair of British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN). Director of Harrogate Aesthetics.
Dr Anton Mathey (owner of The Aesthetic Clinic, Pretoria, South Africa)
Prof. Maurizio Ceccarelli MD, ScD, Pat h.Cl.S., is Director of the Centre for Study and Research in Aesthetic and Physiological Medicine
Dr. Roberto Pelliccia, MD, Member of the Doctors Order of Rome, Italy, Professor of International School of Aesthetic Medicine, Fatebenefratelli Foundation (SIME) in Rome, Italy
Prof. Ilia Meskhi, Plastic surgeon, PhD, «New Vision» School of Medicine
It’s worth to mention some of the most enthusiastic reviews about Hyalual from the participants of the Congress:

Martyn-King-214x214Dr. Martyn King, Owner and Chairman of the British Cosmetic and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic «Cosmedic»: «The lecture was really informative and it was good to hear all about the science of the product in so much depth, he was very knowledgable. Also, the demonstration was excellent, covering all aspects of the face. A real thank you to Viktor for the hospitality on the evening, it was great to have such an international crowd there. It has also given me some good ideas for treatments within my own clinic and as discussed with you, looking forward to some excellent results using Xela Reshape via cannula to treat the loss of volume in the hands in combination with Xela Rederm to improve the skin hydration and pigmentation. I will set up a couple of patients and get some good before and after photos that you could use!».


Sharon_BennettDr. Sharon Bennett, Chair of British Association of Cosmetic Nurses: «Institute Hyalual demonstrated once again they’re leading the way in skin redermalisation giving our patients a uniquely safe and simple option for glowing, hydrated, healthy-looking skin».


Dr. Reza Mia, MBBCh | MBA | MSc Fin

«The AMEC experience was truly unique, I feel very privileged to have been there and to meet all of the team members from the Hyalual family from around the World. I learned a lot, and look forward growing and moving onwards and upwards with Hyalual! Thank you for this wonderful opportunity»


Dr Thys Heyns and Dr. Elna Booysen, South Africa

«Highlight of the congress was meeting Prof Pellicia & Prof Ceccarelli & attending his training workshop, We are looking forward to implementing and sharing these treatment protocols in our training workshops!  Meeting the other Hyalual doctors from all over the world and listening to their toasts during an unforgettable dinner, added a special flavour to the weekend!  

Looking forward to an amazing journey with Hyalual, training and encourage more doctors in using this amazing product Xela, and growing the brand here in South Africa!».

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