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About Institute Hyalual

Beauty Through Health

Only a healthy skin can be beautiful. This firm belief has led to the development of an injection procedure, intended to make skin healthy first and foremost, with beauty achieved as the result. Now, such simple philosophy allows men and women to enjoy the fascinating look of their skin.

Healthy beauty, achieved by preventive skin treatment, has always been the core value of Institute Hyalual. From the very beginning, the company has exerted every effort towards discovering effective cosmetic tools that would be of great help for people, who care about their skin and wellness, without any prejudice to health.

The dominance of scientific approach has made it possible to accumulate a solid stock of knowledge and experience. Having that under the belt, Institute Hyalual embraces the philosophy and looks for the best ways to embody it.

The skin quality expert

The vision of Institute Hyalual presents its constant efforts to be the best expert in field of skin improvement and preservation. Each skin care product undergoes a series of laboratory tests before it would get to our customers. The organization has achieved the excellent quality of its injection procedures by establishing an entire system of quality assurance management.

The company is interested in both professional and personal development of each medical expert. Thus, there are all the necessary conditions for such growth:

• cutting-edge technological facilities
• specialized educational programs
• continuous research and practice
• opportunities for the development of our employees and partners

Three corner stones — research, education, and practice — form the basis of the organization’s day-to-day activity. Institute Hyalual believes: skin quality improvement and beauty can be reached through health.

Our principles

Our principles