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Alexa Smooth

Filler for raising superficial wrinkles and improving skin quality

This product is used to improve skin quality: filling of fine static wrinkles, reduction of perioral wrinkles, reduction of fine neck wrinkles, reduction of dark under-eye circles, volumization of the corrected area.

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  1. Fine wrinkles in the forehead and glabella area
  2. Fine wrinkles in the temporal zone
  3. Fine wrinkles in the area of nasolacrimal groove
  4. Expression wrinkles
  5. Perioral wrinkles
  6. Dark under-eye circles
  7. Fine neck wrinkles
  8. Volume reduction
  • Effective filling of superficial wrinkles:
    - forehead and eyebrows
    - temporal zone
    - tear trough
    - neck and hands

  • Eliminating purse-string wrinkles
    The result is individual and depends on the physiological characteristics of the organism of a particular person

The filler contains more than 90% of pure highly refined hyaluronic acid and a minimum amount of ineffective BDDE fractions, which ensures a short rehabilitation period, lessens painful sensations, and reduces puffiness.

Technique: cannula technique.

Minimum interval between two injection procedures is 14 days.

  1. Cross-linked hyaluronic acid, 15 mg
  2. Sodium phosphate buffer, pH 7.2

The pack contains one syringe and a set of 27G and 30G needles

Instructions for use
3D anatomical application for cosmetologist training


Before After
Photos are not retouched. Results may vary.
Before After
Photos are not retouched. Results may vary.

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