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  • Medical trainer, grade «Profi»

Anna Kupriyanova

Surgical doctor, dermatologist, cosmetologist.  Head of Research and Practical Centre Hyalual Russia, qualified trainer Hyalual, Profi level.

In her work, she makes active use of a modern evidence base, combining modern injection techniques in cosmetology and regeneration of the aesthetic portrait of patients with dermatological and trichotomy diseases.  

Clinical trials and procedures:

  • classical dermatology;
  • acne treatment, post-acne correction;
  • scar correction;
  • alopecia treatment;
  • injection cosmetology;
  • redermalization;
  • biorevitalization;
  • placental therapy;
  • botulinum therapy;
  • contour plastic. 

Scientific and practical activities and achievements:

  • Qualified trainer of Hyalual company, Profi level;
  • Qualified business trainer, coach;
  • Author of training programs for cosmetologists;
  • Speaker at regional, Russian and international congresses;
  • Author of research papers on dermatology and cosmetology, methodological recommendations; 
  • Member of fundamental research on study of mechanism of action of sodium succinate in the skin.
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