Launch of Xela Rederm in Portugal!

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Launch of Xela Rederm in Portugal!


On February 23, 2019 in Lisabon (Portugal), more than 35 participants enjoyed the opportunity to get to know about features and advantages of  Redermalization after attending the theoretical and practical sections of the master class on Redermalização– Uma nova era da terapia anti-edade” (Redermalization- A new era in anti-age therapy”) given by Dr. Olha Tumar

The master class was held at Malo clinic, world recognized for its know-how and  innovation.

During the theoretical part, importance of natural skin rejuvenation using combination of hyaluronic and succinic acids was highlighted. Attendee’s discovered scientific evidences of efficiency of Redermalization, found out about unique properties of succinic acid and received ready to use protocols of the procedure. 

During the practical section, Olha Tumar had demonstrated various injection techniques of the procedure based on the client’s portrait analysis and products for  postprocedure treatment. 

We express our gratitude to our distributor Proscience for organizing the event, as well as to all participants!

Enlighted by positive experience we will plan new education masterclasses, stay tuned for our upcoming events!