Mono conference held by Institute Hyalual in Kazakhstan

By November 28, 2018News

Mono conference held by Institute Hyalual in Kazakhstan


Institute Hyalual held a mono conference in Almaty (Kazakhstan) on November 22. The event was held under the aegis of Inter Profi Forum, and was dedicated to the launch of Alexa.

The speakers included MD and plastic surgeon Ainutdin Gamidov, and gynecologist and member of the expert council on reproduction Lilia Baymurzayeva, as well as highly-qualified trainers from Institute Hyalual: Olga Tumar, Anna Sirota, Annette Petrova, Marina Lukina.

The following issues were raised during the conference: opportunities for use of Alexa filler line in complex face harmonization, nose contour plastic surgery, redermalization: proprietary techniques (Z-lifting), characteristic features of patient preparation for contour plastic surgery and Botulinum Toxin Therapy using redermalization agents, the main aspects of Alexa filler’s application in aesthetic gynecology.

We’d like to express our gratitude to the organizers and participants. It was a unique chance to discover new knowledge and adopt experience from leading specialists in aesthetic medicine.