Redermalization. Seminar for trainers of Institute Hyalual, Moscow (Russia)

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Redermalization. Seminar for trainers of Institute Hyalual, Moscow (Russia)


Institute Hyalual pays close attention to the professional development of its employees. Continuous training and exchange of experience are one of the company’s main values.

A seminar was held on February 17-18, 2019 for the company’s employees in Moscow (Russia), which was aimed at enriching knowledge of aesthetic medicine. The following topic was chosen as the subject for discussion: “Redermalization as a component of combined methods in the practice of a cosmetologist”.

“As the chair of the Institute Hyalual expert council in Russia, I conduct training of new company trainers. The decision on compulsory additional training for new practitioners prior to  starting work as a trainer was taken in the company a long time ago, and we have been successfully implementing this task in the last 3 years ” – the speaker, Galina Aleksandrovna Naumchik, Ph.D. Medicine, said in her comments.

Apart from members from Russia, specialists from Ukraine also attended the training.

The two-day intensive course included not only theoretical, but also practical classes, in order to perfect the use of techniques on models with Hyalual products.

We would like to express our gratitude to Galina Aleksandrovna for systemizing knowledge and the friendly atmosphere of exchange of experience.