About injections

Innovative treatment

Skin ageing is a crucial problem in modern aesthetic medicine and one of the main reasons for patients to see an aesthetician. It is also the reason why so many cosmetic products with new properties are being designed, although so few of them stand the test of practice and time.

Why is redermalization procedure unique?

Redermalization is administering hyaluronic-acid-based intradermal injections by using a special method. This innovative procedure was highly acclaimed as well by winning the Best Skin Enhancer nomination at AMEC Live and Visage congress in 2017.

Unique formula

Unique formula of Redermalizers is a combination of Succinic and Hyaluronic acids. We recommend using this unique formula in combination with other products. Blocking cooper as a central element of tyrozinase, Institute Hyalual provides solution for hyperpigmentation.

High Molucular Weight of Hyaluronic acid (HMWHA) in formula helps to achieve anti-oxidant protection, inflammaging prevention and moisturization.


Following the first treatment, patients report increased level of skin moisture and firmness. A recommended course of four treatments improves skin color and elasticity, evens out its texture, lessens wrinkles with anti-ageing and lifting effect.

Redermalization procedure causes no complications, so it is recommended for all age groups as an ageing-prevention and skin renovation procedure. Not only does give a great lifting and anti-ageing effect, but also helps your skin appear healthy after treatments of acne, rosacea or thread veins.

Injection procedures

Xela Rederm

Skin quality improvement

An innovative brand with high purified biotechnological origin hyaluronic acid with combination of Succinic acid for Double Synergic Effect in injectable aesthetic medicine. Institute Hyalual integrated technology of High Purification (HP) and Double Synergic Technology (DST) to create the unique brand. Xela Rederm holds more stable solution with pH 7.4 to safe redermalizers from biodegradation for the longest period.

Using Xela Rederm:

  • Increasing the skin turgor and elasticity
  • Improving the skin color of face (dark circles, etc.), neck, decollate and hands
  • Anti-hyperpigmentation correction
  • Filling fine lines


Rejuvenation starts here

A single express injection procedure that gives the result of a whole complex of skin care products. Injection traces disappear after an hour. The procedure is aimed at solving the problem of a “tired face syndrome”.

Electri compensates moisture shortage; restores skin energy balance; restores natural physiological barrier, which protects skin from the negative effects of the environment and free radicals attack, slows down skin ageing process; accelerates the recovery of the skin after aggressive cosmetic procedures.


For delicate skin

H&S procedure provides correction of age-related changes and at the same time works very delicately with skin features.

It effectively:

  • Improves the color and texture of the skin
  • Improves skin tone
  • Smoothes wrinkles and improves the general condition of the skin

Profi Delux

Post-procedure care

Profi Delux is created for post-procedure skin care following aesthetic procedures.

Profi Delux provides a soothing effect and visibly relieves redness after aesthetic procedure. Spraying as non-contact method of applying is convenient and pleasant.

Profi Delux produces with environmental friendly technologies and high-purity ingredients.


Is taking microneedling to a whole new level

This potent microneedling system gives precise results in a single treatment. The power behind the SKINERGY technology lies in its concentrated formulation of succinic and hyaluronic acids. The tool guarantees natural skin revitalization, stimulation of function at the cellular level, and enhanced hydration. The system operates on a sequence of precision-timed delivery and microneedling of powerful ingredients into the skin for instant effect. It clarifies the skin’s appearance, function, and quality by stimulating higher absorption of ingredients. SKINERGY is the most suitable solution at hand for all types of skin concerns such as visible signs of aging, acne-scars, skin hyperpigmentation and others.

Xela Shape type 1

For delicate areas

Xela Shape is a disposable medical dermaroller for redermalization. Xela Shape restores the skin of wrinkles, hyper pigmentations, stretch marks and many more aging effects.

The device goes with a formula that consists of 5 ml of 0.55% hyaluronic acid and 1.6% sodium succinate that fight age-related changes.

Type 1 is for delicate areas of wrists, ankles and neck, with suitable needle size of 1.55 mm.

Xela Shape type 2

For the skin of body

This medical device is different from XelaShape1 in terms of implication. Xela Shape Type 2 performs microneedling procedure for intensive dermal exposure.

The formula of the liquid consists of 5 ml of 0.55% hyaluronic acid and 1.6% sodium succinate to deal with traces, deep wrinkles, sagging skin on back, hips and legs. Can also be used for cellulite therapy.

Type 2 is intensive treatment for heeps and legs zones with suitable needle size of 1.2 mm.

Alexa Smooth


ALEXA SMOOTH is used to improve the overall skin quality: filling-in of small static wrinkles, small wrinkles in the neck, and around the mouth, reducing dark circles under the eyes, crow’s-feet, increasing the volume of the corrected zone.

Alexa Medium


Designed for contouring and increasing the volume of the lips, filling-in of the medium depth wrinkles, dynamic wrinkles, correcting the nasolacrimal fissure, replenishing the loss of volume.

Alexa Volume


Designed for filling-in the deep wrinkles of soft tissues and filling loss of volume associated with age related changes, eyebrow lift, nose-back correction, chin correction.


Customized blend of clinical-grade acids for every skin conditions

Hyalual Peels line is composed of superficial peels with unique results – oriented formulations of clinical-grade acids that are customized to correct specific skin problem:

  • Advanced Resurfacing Peel offers a complete approach to aging skin.
  • Clarifying Peel is specially designed for oily, mixed and acne-prone skin
  • Brightening Peel is formulated to improve uneven skin tone and spots.
  • Glow Enhancing Peel is intended to reverse dull skin and get a glowing complexion.

The synergistic effect of the various acids allows to obtain immediate and transformative results without long downtime period.