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Workshop "Redermalization- skin rejuvenation without surgery", Baden Baden (Germany)


On June 2, 2019 in a picturesque city of  Baden Baden (Germany), Hyalual has conducted a seminar on "Redermalization- skin rejuvenation without surgery. Holistic treatment with the new generation drug Xela Rederm ". 


In a professional yet friendly manner of presentation by Dr. Juergen Reus german aesthetic practitioners and doctors  enjoyed the opportunity to get to know about features and advantages of  Redermalization, found out about unique properties of succinic acid and received ready to use protocols of the procedure


We express our gratitude to our distributor Estetic Point for organizing the event, to our speaker Juergen Reus for outstanding performance and to all participants, for their curiosity to knowledge.

Enlighted by positive experience we will plan new education masterclasses, stay tuned for our upcoming events!



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CIBE Shanghai exhibition May 2018
11.06.2018 Катерина Кузина
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May 20-22, Institute Hyalual took part in the CIBE Shanghai exhibition, where it successfully presented products.

CIBE Shanghai exhibition May 2018 is:

410,000 visitors
80 countries
80 local and international media

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The Best Skin Enhancer

AMEC LIVE 2017 is an is an aesthetic & anti-aging congress which takes place in Monaco each year.

This year AMEC LIVE hosted a 5-th Trophy Ceremony for leaders in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. And innovative product of Institute Hyalual XELA REDERM has won 2017 award in the category “The Best Skin Enhancer”.

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