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Kolkhida 2019


The 13th International Caucasian Congress on Plastic Surgery and Dermatology - Kolkhida 2019 was held on July 5-7 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


This event is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, the unification of industry leaders and the presentation of the most modern approaches in aesthetic medicine from around the world.


At the Congress the report "Redermalization in the aspect of anti-aging therapy complex. Research results" was made by Galina Naumchik (Russia) - cosmetologist, international opinion leader Hyalual, where she spoke about clinical variants of combined therapy, shared the data of a scientific study convincingly proving the efficacy and safety of Redermalization in complex pro-age therapy.


Also, Galina conducted a live demo, demonstrating lymphatic drainage techniques of Redermalization with Hyalual 1.1% in the aspect of complex pro age therapy.


We thank the organizers of this amazing event for us to be able to receive new methods and techniques, see and hold interesting and informative workshops, meet new professionals in aesthetic medicine.


See you next year!


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Workshop "Redermalization- skin rejuvenation without surgery", Baden Baden (Germany)
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On June 2, 2019 in a picturesque city of  Baden Baden (Germany), Hyalual has conducted a seminar on "Redermalization- skin rejuvenation without surgery. Holistic treatment with the new generation drug Xela Rederm ". 


In a professional yet friendly manner of presentation by Dr. Juergen Reus german aesthetic practitioners and doctors  enjoyed the opportunity to get to know about features and advantages of  Redermalization

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The first practical dissection Cadaver Course from Institute Hyalual
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The first Cadaver Course was held on November 19, organized by the Institute Hyalual in Poznan (Poland). This course was conducted by well-known professor Ilya Meskhi together with Agnieszka Przystanska, a maxillo-facial surgeon with 20 years of experience.

The main objective of the cadaver was: explain via visual demonstration how to detect danger areas on the face in order to avoid them when injecting hyaluronic acid fillers.

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Institute Hyalual at the exhibition Baltic Beauty 2018 in Riga (Latvia)
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On November 2-4, the 14th International Exhibition Baltic Beauty 2018, the largest beauty industry event in the Baltic States and Scandinavia, was held at the Kipsala International Exhibition Center in Riga (Latvia).

The exhibition program included the holding of beauty conferences and various seminars where international and local experts shared news on the latest trends in the industry. The exhibition gathers more than 340 exhibitors from 20 countries annually.

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