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Daniel Sister
  • Лидер мнений, Международный KOL

Daniel Sister

World-renowned practicing cosmetic specialist from London. Key Opinion Leader in the field of Dracula/PRP Therapy and minimally invasive procedures.


A Doctor of Medicine, Daniel Sister was the first who applied interventional methods in the cosmetology. Pioneering approaches of the expert (injections of blood plasma and anticellulite carbon dioxide therapy) won him an excellent reputation and global acceptance. Having joined the professional team of the Hyalual cosmetologists Dr. Daniel started travelling a lot lecturing and training other specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine. He has also conducted studies on combination of Dracula PRP Therapy and Insitute Hyalual's Xela Rederm.


Clinical studies and procedures:

  • minimally invasive procedures;
  • Redermalization;
  • Dracula PRP Therapy (injections of Platelet Rich Plasma of a patient);
  • revolutionary technique in the treatment of cellulite (subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide).


Scientific periodicals that published the expert's works:

  • Body Language;
  • The UK & International Journal of aesthetic medicine and Anti-Ageing;
  • Prime;
  • The World Journal of Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing Medicine.

Academic references and recommendations:

  • General Medical Council (UK) (No. 4446110);
  • British College of Aesthetic Medicine;
  • World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine;
  • European College of Aesthetic Medicine;
  • New York Academy of Sciences;
  • Royal Society of Medicine (Fellow);
  • Quality of Service;
  • Independent consulting services in the field of healthcare;
  • Norwegian Registration Authority for Health Personnel (SAK).


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