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Injectable product based on non-crosslinked hyaluronic and succinic acid for the primary injection with quick results

ELECTRI is a product designed for intensive skin restoration, with one procedure producing the fastest effect within a short time. Owing to the physiological concentration of high-molecular hyaluronic acid (0.55%), it does not leave papules, and is ideal for women and men who are ready for a first single-procedure skin rejuvenation without a long rehabilitation period.


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  1. Skin dehydration
  2. Impaired dermal vascular microcirculation
  3. Reduced skin turgor
  4. Tired skin
  5. Pigmentation
  • Increases skin hydration up to 56%* after just one session
  • Improves skin tone and texture
  • Provides intensive hydration
  • Has antioxidant effects

The result is individual and depends on the physiological characteristics of the organism of a particular person.

ELECTRI is recommended for prevention of premature skin aging due to dehydration and the ongoing impact of free radicals. The product facilitates quick and effective improvement of the skin appearance in men and women of any age.

  1. Sodium succinate (succinic acid) (1.6%)
  2. High molecular weight hyaluronic acid 5.5 mg/ml (0.55%).

The pack contains one syringe and a set of 30G needles.

Instructions for use
3D anatomical application for cosmetologist training


Before After
Photos are not retouched. Results may vary.
Before After
Photos are not retouched. Results may vary.

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