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  • Medical trainer, grade «Master»

Korkunda Svetlana

Master-grade Combustiologist. Specialist on injection therapy in the field of aesthetic medicine. Certified training specialist and international expert at Institute Hyalual.


Clinical studies and procedures:

  • reconstructive surgery;
  • treating burns;
  • development of scar treatment protocols (remodeling);
  • mesotherapy;
  • application of biotechnologies in the surgery and aesthetic medicine (injection implants of hyaluronic acid and sodium succinate).


Research and practice activity and achievements:

  • Candidate of Medicine, associate professor of the Combustiology, Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery Department (KhMAPE);
  • member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Cosmetic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons;
  • author of more than 40 scientific works published in domestic and international periodicals;
  • author of 2 patents on the application of mesotherapy and neurotoxin products in reconstructive and cosmetic surgery and combustiology.
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