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Master class
Master class on:

The Current Concept of Aging Prevention from the Standpoint of Evidence Medicine (with practical demonstration)

Alexandr Karpinskiy

Otolaryngologist. Cosmetic surgeon. Specialist on injection cosmetology (Uzhgorod).

5 years of work experience.

Clinical studies and procedures:

  • microneedling therapy;
  • Redermalization;
  • lymphatic drainage;
  • lifting;
  • contour plastics.

Practical activities:

  • development of individual programmes on appearance harmonization (combining of the vector lifting and lymphatic drainage techniques);
  • application of the author's technique of non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Geographic reach:

  • Ukraine;
  • Slovakia;
  • Hungary;
  • Poland;
  • Germany;
  • Austria;
  • The Netherlands;
  • The USA and others.

Trainings and other projects:

  • studying with the best cosmetic surgeons of Ukraine (Edgar Kaminskiy, Rostislav Valikhnovskiy);
  • a doctor-member of "Free Cosmetic Surgery for ATO Soldiers" Project.
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За­куп­ка дос­туп­на только для за­ре­гист­ри­ро­ванных поль­зо­ва­те­лей




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This webinar will inform you about:

  • causes of skin aging, and clinical and histological manifestations, dermal changes related to aging;
  • possible solutions and techniques for preventing age-related skin changes;
  • clinical effects of the combination of hyaluronic and succinic acid (sodium succinate);
  • latest research on dermal reprogramming, along with how to restore the skin from the inside by normalizing its plasticity and energy metabolism;
  • methods to shorten the recovery period so patients can see results shortly after a procedure.


In the practical part, you will learn about:

  • choice of correction technique on live models;
  • “Diamond Technique”;
  • lifting techniques that give patients instant results.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • conduct dermal remodeling and stimulate skin metabolism, lymph efflux and microcirculation;
  • choose integrated techniques for correcting age-related changes depending on the patient’s aging morphotype;
  • prepare the skin for combined correction of age-related changes;
  • use the most effective correction techniques for different facial zones.

Additional information:

March 31

Online streaming begins 12:00 a.m. (Kyiv time)

Russian language!

Register here: http://hyalual.education.31.03.tilda.ws/ 

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