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Institute Hyalual at IMCAS World Congress 2019, Paris


From January 30 to February 2 the IMCAS 21st Annual World Congress was held in Paris – the world’s largest congress for dermatology, plastic surgery and aesthetic science. Representatives from more than 130 countries took part in it. Over the course of 3 days hundreds of experts shared their research and experience.

There’s no doubt that Institute Hyalual could not stay on the sidelines of such a large-scale event. We prepared a huge scientific program. At the congress in Paris Ukrainian dermatologist, an international opinion leader Alexander Turkevych, gave a lecture called “Can we make our skin younger? Ways to reduce inflammation”.

Anastasiya Romashkina, a cosmetologist from Russia, gave a speech called “Periorbital treatment after blepharoplasty: how to reduce the period of rehabilitation”.

Robert Chmielewski, a plastic surgeon from Poland, conducted a lecture during the session of his unique “SMART Anti-Ageing Network: complex international facial rejuvenation and anti-aging therapy. Baby skin – it’s possible!”.

Anastasiya Mashkina, a dermatologist from Russia, told attendees how to improve the quality of skin in patients with post-acne and photo-aging.

Vasylysa Danylenko, a specialist from Russia in the field of correction of age-related changes, gave two lectures,  “Reducing skin flap, skin improvement in periorbital zone for patients who are not ready for blepharoplasty” and “”Baby” nose, age-related changes. Change without harm”.

We are grateful to IMCAS for the atmosphere of learning, improvement and professional communication! We are proud that our doctors appeared as speakers at such an important international congress devoted to anti-aging medicine!


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Kolkhida 2019
09.07.2019 Галина Наумчик
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The 13th International Caucasian Congress on Plastic Surgery and Dermatology - Kolkhida 2019 was held on July 5-7 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


This event is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, the unification of industry leaders and the presentation of the most modern approaches in aesthetic medicine from around the world.


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International Scientific and Practical Symposium SIES Day 2018 “Neck, neckline and arm rejuvenation”
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A Scientific and Practical Symposium organized by the VALET Aesthetic Medicine School, was held on November 24, 2018, in Bologna (Italy). It was a kind of introductory event for the upcoming International Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery SIES DAY 2018. 

Dr. Maria Gabriella Di Russo presented a report on behalf of Institute Hyalual on the theme of “Redermalization:  Anti-Age Skin and Décolleté Therapy with the Usage of Hyaluronic and Succinic Acids”. 

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Master class with Professor Maurizio Ceccarelli, Naples (Italy)
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Institute Hyalual provides training sessions to physicians around the world on the characteristics and advantages of the Redermalization procedure.
And we are proud to have support in this from the world-renowned professional in the field of aesthetic medicine, international opinion leader, Professor Maurizio Ceccarelli.

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