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Kolkhida 2019


The 13th International Caucasian Congress on Plastic Surgery and Dermatology - Kolkhida 2019 was held on July 5-7 in Tbilisi, Georgia.


This event is dedicated to the exchange of knowledge, the unification of industry leaders and the presentation of the most modern approaches in aesthetic medicine from around the world.


At the Congress the report "Redermalization in the aspect of anti-aging therapy complex. Research results" was made by Galina Naumchik (Russia) - cosmetologist, international opinion leader Hyalual, where she spoke about clinical variants of combined therapy, shared the data of a scientific study convincingly proving the efficacy and safety of Redermalization in complex pro-age therapy.


Also, Galina conducted a live demo, demonstrating lymphatic drainage techniques of Redermalization with Hyalual 1.1% in the aspect of complex pro age therapy.


We thank the organizers of this amazing event for us to be able to receive new methods and techniques, see and hold interesting and informative workshops, meet new professionals in aesthetic medicine.


See you next year!


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On April 9, in city of Nur-Sultan (ex.-Astana), over 70 participants attended a training workshop on full face rejuvenation techniques delivered by Olga Tumar, dermatologist, dermatocosmetologist, certified Hyalual international trainer. The educational theoretical part covered such topics: capabilities of Alexa fillers line and features of the combined use of Redermalization and peeling.

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These were 2 full days of “live” demonstrations, performed by world-famous experts, 2,500 participants and more than 100 leading companies from around the world. Institute Hyalual, of course, could not but participate in such an event. International opinion opinion leaders from Institute Hyalual gave reports at the congress in Monaco

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It should be noted that visitors showed their high interest in the possibility of Xela Rederm 1,1% to reduce dark circles under eyes.

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