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3rd Dissection Сadaver Сourse 2019: Event Report


The 3rd Dissection Cadaver Course by Hyalual was held on September 23-25 in Poznan, Poland.


The key course instructors were:


- Ilya Meskhi (Georgia), Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Dean of the Georgian American University (GAU), head and neck surgeon, Medical Director of the dermatology clinic in Tbilisi. 


- Agnieszka Przystanska (Poland), Doctor of Medical Sciences, maxilla-facial surgeon, dissection instructor of Poznan Lab, author of numerous scientific publications on facial anatomy and physiology.


The dissection-specific part of the course was held in the laboratory of the Institute of Applied Medicine Poznan Lab, and included both theoretical and practical segments.

The theoretical part covered the nuances of the anatomy and physiology of the head and neck, and the implicit features of their anatomical structure.


In the practical part, course participants examined the topographic anatomy of the facial section of the head, the structure of skin, superficial and deep fat pads, the vascular network (veins, arteries, individual variations of the vascular layer), fascia, fiber spaces, ligaments, septa, blood vessels, nerves, and more.


A particularly fascinating and interesting segment was the study of high-risk anatomy segments with practical, area-specific injection of the filler into tissues, vessels and arteries. The course participants also had an opportunity to reinforce their practical skills in specialized filler injection techniques aimed at preventing “obvious” and “non-obvious” complications.


The practical training also covered area-specific injection of the filler, including such areas as forehead, supraorbital, temporal, glabellar, maxillary, nasolabial, and others.


During the Cadaver course, the participants received priceless knowledge that will help them minimize negative consequences and complications in their practical work with patients. After the course completion, the participants also had a chance to enjoy Poznan and make exciting memories of the trip!


We would like to thank all course instructors and participants, as well as our partners at Poznan Lab, for another amazing course!



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