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Hyalual conducted training in Saudi Arabia


From March 8 to March 13, Saudi Arabia hosted a series of workshops of Alexander Karpinsky, a plastic surgeon and injection cosmetology specialist.


The first stop was made in the city of Riyadh. For three strenuous working days, Dr. Karpinsky was giving training sessions in seven large clinics for dermatologists and plastic surgeons, during which he shared his knowledge, protocols and best practices in facial rejuvenation with unique Hyalual products containing succinate.


In addition to the capital of Saudi Arabia, the Hyalual team, together with Dr. Alexander Karpinsky, delivered workshops in four best clinics in the city of Jeddah, during which they taught the local gurus of aesthetic medicine to carry out cutting-edge procedures.


Dr. Karpinsky noted: “The level of doctors is very high. It was a pleasure to meet such an active audience and to answer so many questions. The practical part, where we worked on the models, turned out to be even more interesting for the colleagues”.


We express our gratitude to the doctors for the warm welcome and wish them success in their work.




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Xela Rederm Launches in Indonesia
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This October saw a full-scale launch of Xela Rederm in Indonesia, made possible through the successful partnership between Hyalual and Unison Medika. A series of 6 master classes for medical professionals and top clinics were held in the three largest cities of Indonesia.


The visitor count was truly impressive: over 200 medical professionals came to master the linear and papullar techniques, and learned about the Redermalization methods applicable for the face, neck, hand and décolletage areas.


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Hyalual at AMWC, Monaco 2019
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Hyalual at the brightest event in the beauty industry AMWC Monaco 2019!

For 17 years already, AMWC International Congress has been promoting a multifaceted approach to anti-aging aesthetics and medicine, offering a full platform for education, training, and business communication. 

It is a great honor for us to be the Golden Sponsor of the event every year and participate in such an important mission.

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Institute Hyalual had been presented in Diamond partnership at the AMEC 2017 exhibition and had organized lots of educational and engaging activities at its own booths on 15-17-th September

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