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Hyalual have won two awards Health & Pharma 2019!


Today, we are proud to announce that Global Health & Pharma has nominated Hyalual for awards, and we have won two awards in the nominations:


  • «Best Aesthetic Medicine Solutions Manufacturer 2019» 
  • «Most Outstanding in Skin Rejuvenation 2019»


The Global Health & Pharma community says, "We believe that when it comes to presenting recognitions and awards, few people in the world deserve more than those whose tireless work and dedication change the lives of millions of people every day”.


That is why we are committed to sharing those talented, brave and innovative people, departments and companies pushing boundaries in the field of medicine with our 260,000 readers.



Hyalual's mission is to enhance beauty, health and quality of life through innovative skincare solutions that really work. We believe that health and youth are inseparable. We know that a scientific approach yields impressive results.

And when Hyalual and its products receive an award, it's not just another trophy on the shelf. It is validation that we are on the right track, that more than 35,000 of our customers in more than 30 countries worldwide are helping us contribute to the art of aesthetic medicine, making thousands of people more beautiful and happy.


With regard to the awards, I would like to go a little deeper and say what they mean for the company and for the aesthetic medicine industry.

Best Aesthetic Medicine Solutions Manufacturer

Hyalual develops solutions for aesthetic medicine. Any solution is, first and foremost, a product. Our products are of high quality, with proven efficacy and absolute safety. Returning to the matter of development, we should note that the main manufacturing site for Hyalual products is in Italy. Diaco plant (Biofarmaceutici) serves as the Hyalual brand's own manufacturing site, as well as its main official distributor and logistics partner.


All processes at Diaco are automated. And the scale of production once again emphasizes Hyalual's prospects. Because of this, the main focus is on absolute compliance with the quality standards of Hyaual products.

Our company also owns manufacturing sites in Ukraine and has partner plants in Switzerland, Spain and the United States, which not only allow us to meet the required manufacturing output, but also gives us flexibility in the development of new products and unique formulations.


We would like to mention that Hyalual’s activities are not restricted to the sale of products. Realizing the importance of their work, Hyalual specialists provide constant information, support and training to doctors, sharing their experience and giving the world new solutions to combat aesthetic problems.


Therefore, Hyalual not only deserves the Best Aesthetic Medicine Solutions award, but responsibly fulfills its mission by developing unique products and teaching innovative techniques and methods to physicians worldwide.

Innovations in Skin Rejuvenation

The final argument in favor of the Hyalual brand deserving the Global Health & Pharma international platform awards (in particular, the Manufacturer 2019 & Most Outstanding in Skin Rejuvenation 2019 award) is our work with Redermalization. This is a unique, patented procedure that aims to improve skin quality by increasing its regenerative potential. The difference between Redermalization and other skin rejuvenation procedures is that it works on three distinct levels:


1. Contributes to regulation of biochemical processes in the cell;

2. Restores skin's moisture balance;

3. Helps block free radicals;

This effect is achieved due to Double Synergic Effect technology. The nature of this is maximum synergy between the two key components in our preparations for Redermalization: hyaluronic acid, which is a natural material, is combined with an intracellular metabolite (succinic acid, in the form of sodium succinate). The latter is a strategically-important component, which provided a major breakthrough in improving the quality of the skin.

 It is the most powerful non-surgical rejuvenation to date. For the first time, it is the causes rather than the consequences of skin aging that are eliminated. The effect is already visible after the first procedure. Try it and see for yourself.

But Hyalual didn’t stop there. The company's goal – to help customers become more beautiful – generates new techniques, methods, products and solutions.


One of the latest «blockbusters» in fighting skin aging is Hyalual’s Perfoskin Complex, a very special product. This is a new generation of fractional rejuvenation combined with deep skin hydration with no downtime. It is a unique procedure that combines the advantages of classic microneedling with the revitalizing effect of Double Synergic Effect technology.


Perfoskin Complex consists of a specialized roller, the Perfoskin device, which has a drum with ultra-thin needles and a 5 ml pre-filled syringe containing Perfoskin Prederm , which contains .55% hyaluronic acid and 1.6% succinic acid.


In just one procedure, the Perfoskin device creates more than 6,000 post-injection microchannels on the face, neck and décolletage, which:

- Provide retraction of the skin flap,

- Start the process of neocollagenesis (increasing skin’s strength and elasticity),

- Ensure delivery of the active ingredients in Perfoskin Prederm into the dermis.

The results of the Perfoskin Complex procedure are impressive: visible lifting, smoothed wrinkles, skin resurfacing effect: even skin relief, softened appearance of post-acne and scars, increased skin elasticity and firmness, improved skin color, reduced manifestations of hyperpigmentation, deep hydration and restoration of the skin.

And there is NO recovery period, which is very important when considering our clients’ modern pace of life.


The people behind the Hyalual brand are innovators. Continual progress toward our goals motivates us to create new trends in aesthetic medicine with more powerful, highly effective solutions, products and formulas. We are grateful to everyone who moves in step with us, including the Global Health & Pharma platform for their recognition, as well as each Hyalual client for sharing a common philosophy and values that keeps us move forward.


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