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New Xela Rederm application techniques. Masterclasses in Spain


The new year of 2020 started with masterclasses and presentation of new Xela Rederm application techniques!


Hyalual representatives Olga Tumar and Yevhen Havrylov held masterclasses and educated local KOLs in the Spanish cities of Alicante, Bilbao, Seville and Madrid on January 13- 16.


The masterclasses were held in leading clinics in several regions of Spain: Clínica de Medicina Estética y Homeopatía Dra. Pantxike Casquero in Bilbao, Basque Country; Unidad Medicina Estética Yolanda Yunta in the city of Alicante, Alicante Province; Clinica Lagüéns in the city of Seville, Andalusia region, and in Madrid, the capital of Spain, at Chez Jolie Clinic.


The presentations dealt with the practical application of Xela Rederm to remove dark periorbital patches. The experts explained how dark patches form, how different they are, and where Xela Rederm is used as the only procedure or in combination with surgery.


Four Spanish KOLs were also trained during the visit:


  • Dr Jesús Chicón
  • Dra Yolanda Yunta Perez
  • Dra Pantxike Casquero
  • Dra Soledad Lagüéns


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Hyalual conducted training in Saudi Arabia
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From March 8 to March 13, Saudi Arabia hosted a series of workshops of Alexander Karpinsky, a plastic surgeon and injection cosmetology specialist.


The first stop was made in the city of Riyadh. For three strenuous working days, Dr. Karpinsky was giving training sessions in seven large clinics for dermatologists and plastic surgeons.


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Master class with Professor Roberto Pelliccia at IAPEM (Italy)
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On January 13, 2019 in Milan (Italy), more than 30 participants enjoyed the opportunity to get to know about the peculiar features and potential of Xela Rederm and Electri products after attending the theoretical and practical sections of the lecture on “Biostimolazione – Biorivitalizzazione – Redermalizzazione: Viso e décolleté” (“Biostimulation. Biorevitalization. Redermalization: neck and decollete”) given by Professor Roberto Pelliccia. 
The master class was held at IAPEM, The International Academy of Practical Aesthetic Medicine.

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Sharing of impressions: COSMOPROF North America, Las Vegas
08.08.2018 Victoria Cheked
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The exhibition COSMOPROF as always impressed with its scale and high level of organization, once again confirming its reputation as the leading beauty exhibition in America.

More than 36 000 participants, as well as a record number of 1,278 exhibitors from 45 countries – gathered under one roof to open new brands, innovative products, modern opportunities in distribution, packaging and manufacturing in the world.

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